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What is included?

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Can you send me a budget guide please help me record quotes and estimates?

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Can I build the kitset myself if I’m not a licenced Building Practitioner?

There are two main ways under the Building Act that non-licensed people may build:

1. Non-Consent able Buildings

Residential building work that doesn't require a Building Consent may be built by non-licenced people.

However, the work must still be built to comply with the Building Code.

See Building Code

2. Owner-Builder Exemption

Subject to:

a) You live in or intend living in the house including crib or holiday home

b) You carry out the restricted work yourself or with unpaid help from family or friends

c) You haven't carried out any other restricted building work within the previous three years.


All such work still requires Building Consents and Local Authority building inspections.

All plumbing and drainage needs to be carried out by a Licenced Practitioner.

See Homeowners-owner-exemptions

You will also need to fill out an “Owner-Exemption Form” for Building Consent and submit it to your local council.

What warranty is there on products?

This varies product to product and dependent upon specific materials used. Pre-cut material packs will generally carry a two year workmanship warranty with warranties on materials from the individual material suppliers. Specific warranties are given for each product when supplied.

All Barn Kits include an engineered design including Producer Statement PS1 and prepared in accordance with AS/NZS 1170, NZS3603, NZS 3604 and approved documents of the NZ Building Code as noted on the drawings.

Will I need a Geotech report showing soil bearing for my new Barn Kit?

Typically for a non-habitable structure you don’t, however your local council will likely have areas that they have identified as needing further investigation, so it is best to contact your local council and ask if your site is ok before applying for Building Consent.

What are the council site plan requirements for submitting building consent?

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What are the council setback and site coverage rules for my site?

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How will council require the storm water from my roof to be dealt with?

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Where do I find Building Consent Applications forms?

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