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Introducing “the Barn Kit” a product from McAlpines, the largest privately-owned sawmill, timber and building materials group in New Zealand. The “Barn Kit” is a new face on a product developed by McAlpines Building Division in Rangiora to expand on the already extensive track record we have in supplying quality Rural and Lifestyle Kitset Buildings.

With the cost of building seeming to be consistently getting higher and higher you have to be sure that what you are buying is the best quality available for the most economic price. We have been supplying kitset barns and buildings to our customers for over 20 years and our buildings have stood the test of time (not forgetting the Canterbury Nor Westers) giving you the confidence you are getting a quality product.


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Choose your shed kit

The “Barn Kit” range has been developed to offer you Kitset Barns and Sheds that are designed to suit your rural needs. Our Barns are ideal for a multitude of uses, from farm implement sheds, workshops, machinery storage, hay sheds, animal shelters, vehicle storage, lifestyle buildings, calf sheds. And now we are able to offer kitset barns that you can live in as well.

The “Barn Kit” is a complete kitset including a site specific engineered design ready for your Building Consent Application. The pole and rafter construction we use encompasses strength and durability whilst offering flexibility to be able to be designed to suit your individual requirements and be easily altered or added to in the future if needed. Our designs utilise the strength from cantilevered vertical poles, horizontal wall girts, and bolted rafters set to a fall with purlins in between. You can arrange your own building contractor or we can recommend experienced local contractors to build your new Barn Kit for you.

To ensure your new barn is going to be fit for your purpose we have broken down our kitset options into the following groups:

Lifestyle Range

These barns are designed to be more multi use where closed in areas can sit alongside open bays. Typically these sheds are smaller than the Farm Range and their design is better suited to lifestyle block situations with a higher standard of finish and a myriad of options available.

Farm Range

These barns are designed for the traditional farming sector. Typically these sheds are larger and designed with no frills, focusing on functionality and durability. Great for storing larger farm equipment and volume stock feed.

Liveable Range

The liveable barn has been developed to fill a gap in the area of barns that are fully consent able barns that can be lived in. The range that are currently available are up to 75m2 and 2 bedrooms of liveable area and as many bays of storage as you like.


If what you see in the standard range doesn’t fit your needs. Contact our office for custom options.

Let’s get started.

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